Breaking Bad, “Dead Freight”: Shattering the illusion surrounding Heisenberg

Enough words have been said on Breaking Bad’s brilliance: Just the fact that its conclusion has been widely accepted as the television event of the summer since… well, since last season ended, should speak volumes about what an artistic achievement the show is.

I’m only here to write about a particular episode, while I’m in the midst of my Season 5A rewatch. Episode 5 is a strong episode that brings to bear so many of the repeated themes and progressions of the series without particularly calling attention to them. Spoilers for it, and the series to date, follow.

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Quick-hit Emmy nominations

The real Emmy noms come out tomorrow, and I don’t have time to explain a bunch of my selections before then, so I’m just going to post them. I’m going strictly by the official ballots for this one.

I’ve also made notes where someone didn’t submit themselves in a category, when I probably would have nominated them. I’ve also included mentions of when I didn’t watch a show but have heard enough buzz about the show or performance in question that I felt it deserved mentioning. (You’ll notice that I only have three Best Actress in a Drama nominations; I just didn’t watch enough shows that had an actress submit for consideration in the category.)

The nominees are in alphabetical order. No reason to take up your time; let’s get to it:

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Quick Review: The Jeselnik Offensive Season 1

I stumbled upon the season premiere of The Jeselnik Offensive by accident while channel-flipping in a hotel room. While it wasn’t perfect, the voice was so unique and the show so willing to push the boundaries in the name of comedy. I decided to stick with the show for the remainder of the season, and it got better as it went along. The show’s been renewed for a second season set to premiere tomorrow (Tuesday, July 9). Here’s my quick capsule reviews of season 1, episode-by-episode.

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Emmy-related post: My Ideal Best Comedy Ballot

The TV season is officially over, and while I haven’t gotten to see everything on my to-watch list, that’s more of a concern in the drama category. Mad Men just wrapped up, but I still haven’t seen some new shows and performances that are generating a lot of buzz (I’m thinking of The Americans and Orphan Black in particular).

But my comedy ballot is pretty well set, and I don’t see anything in the upcoming that could change my mind, realistically speaking. At some point I’ll rank my favorite shows regardless of format or ballot limitations, but right now this is sticking strictly to scripted live-action comedy.

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Some episodes of television I really liked this season

With the official end of the television season fast approaching (the eligibility period for Emmy consideration is June 1 – May 31), I thought about making my Emmy ballots very soon and posting them here.

With some shows that will be eligible this season yet to finish airing, though, I didn’t want to rush into making this list with incomplete information– especially since I haven’t processed the just-released season of Arrested Development. So instead I’ve just picked a handful of episodes that stood out to me for one reason or another and that I wanted to recommend to a wide audience. These episodes aren’t necessarily the best episodes of the show in a given season, but something about them stands out to me and makes them worth discussing– usually something unique about the show, something that’s a big part of what makes me so fond of it in the first place.

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Thoughts on the trailers for the new fall shows

I watched half a dozen trailers for new comedies premiering this fall. Some quick thoughts: Continue reading